Didn't get any reply here. Is anybody reviewing this mailing list?

One user reviewed the pull request and noticed missing braces around an if 
section. https://github.com/haproxy/haproxy/pull/167
Patch committed: 


From: Morotti, Romain D
Sent: 17 July 2019 12:08
To: 'haproxy@formilux.org' <haproxy@formilux.org>
Subject: [PR/FEATURE] support for virtual hosts / Host header per server


We've been using haproxy for load balancing internal services for a while.
We've been trying to use it recently for load balancing to kubernetes and 
similar hosting platforms and it is currently not possible.

The Host header has to be set appropriately in HTTP requests, in HTTP 
healthchecks AND in TLS SNI for requests to be accepted/routed properly.
But HAProxy doesn't have the capability to set the Host per server.

This is a long standing issue. It's simply never been supported.
For some limited use cases with a single host, this can be hacked around with a 
careful combination of "http-request add-header", "httpchk", "http-send-name" 
and "sni" settings.

The attached patch adds full support for this, using a vhost setting per server.
It will be set in HTTP requests forwarded to the server, in HTTP healthchecks 
(if using http healthchecks) and in TLS SNI (if using TLS).

Configuration looks like this:

+    server srv-host vhost myapp.naeast-1a.example.com check
+    server srv-host vhost myapp.nawest-2b.example.com check
+    server srv-host vhost myapp.emea-1b.example.com check backup


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