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I have build haproxy 2.0.3-0ff395c from sources however after running a 'haproxy -v' it shows up as: 'HA-Proxy version 2.0.3 2019/07/23 - https://haproxy.org/' this isn't really correct imho as its a version based on code committed on date 7/30. And i kinda expected the commit-id to be part of the version shown?

Did i do something wrong? I thought the commit should automatically become part of the version. Though its very well possible ive broken the local freebsd makefile im using.. When building from master repository it seems to work fine though. If its caused by the contents of the repository, can it be changed? I find it really useful to see which commit a certain compiled haproxy binary was based upon. Thanks in advance .

PiBa-NL (Pieter)

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