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> btw, Willy, we can exclude some exotic build targets from "on push" to "on
> cron"
> by changing "if: type != cron" --> "if: type == cron"
> probably boringssl, cygwin, libressl ?

I indeed think that all non-latest and non-mainstream versions could be
daily only. I'm probably fine with keeping the latest libressl as it
significantly increases coverage. Thus we could keep something like this
"on push" :

  - linux-glibc with threads+openssl 1.1.1 on x86 + gcc
  - linux-glibc with threads+libressl 2.9.2 on x86 + clang
  - linux-glibc without SSL nor threads on x86 + clang or gcc (no preference)
  - osx with openssl-1.1.1 + clang

And these ones would be "on cron" :
  - linux-ppc64le
  - linux + openssl-1.1.0
  - linux + openssl-1.0.2
  - linux + libressl-2.8.3
  - linux + libressl-2.7.5
  - linux + boringssl
  - linux+51d/tree
  - cygwin

Note that some variants could be combined to save on builds. For example
we can have linux-ppc64le build with openssl-1.0.2 to test the two at once,
and linux+openssl-1.1.0 test with 51d/tree. In practice we don't need the
level of detail indicating what broke, we just need to know if we broke
anything, so heavy combinations are welcome.

Just my two cents,

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