On Wed, Aug 07, 2019 at 12:38:05PM +0200, Baptiste wrote:
> Hi there,
> Please find in attachement a couple of patches to allow caching responses
> to OPTIONS requests, used in CORS pattern.
> In modern API where CORS is applied, there may be a bunch of OPTIONS
> requests coming in to the API servers, so caching these responses will
> improve API response time and lower the load on the servers.
> Given that HAProxy does not yet support the Vary header, this means this
> feature is useful in a single case, when the server send the following
> header "set access-control-allow-origin: *".
> William, can you check if my patches look correct, or if this is totally
> wrong and then I'll open an issue on github for tracking this one.

Looks good to me, pushed in master.

William Lallemand

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