On 21. 08. 2019. 13:59, void _in wrote:

> We have configured the new dataplane API in order to perform runtime
> configuration changes on our HAProxy. It is working perfectly fine on
> one server. However, on the other server, it is generating the
> error: level=warning msg="Runtime API not configured, not using it".
> Both servers are CentOS 7 and both have the HAProxy version HA-Proxy
> version 2.0.5 2019/08/16 - https://haproxy.org/. 


This error message means that the dataplaneapi process cannot connect to
the configured stats socket and that the dataplaneapi will work but all
endpoints requiring access to stats socket won't work. Can you check
that the stats socket is configured correctly and that the dataplaneapi
can access it?


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