Hi Nenad,

On Tue, Aug 27, 2019 at 01:58:13AM +0200, Nenad Merdanovic wrote:
> The converter can be useful to look up a server queue from a dynamic value.

Thanks, applied. This made me think that it could be useful to have a few
other ones like srv_is_up and srv_conn. Also, your use case consisting in
looking up a server name from a cookie made me think that we could refactor
the cookie lookup code so that it's usable from a sample fetch. This way
we could have something like srv_from_cookie([<backend>]) doing all the
work and returning a backend/server name that can be looked up directly
from a frontend so that it's still possible to decide to route the request
to a different backend depending on what is found there. Just an idea.


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