How does maxconn work when you switch from multi process (nbproc) to to
multithreaded (nbthread).

So I had in multiproc
global maxconn 224288
default maxconn 131072

So now I've switched to multithreaded mode. And I used to believe it was
maxconn per process. So does it mean I should actually take that number
times the number of processes I used to run?

I tried doubling the numbers to
global   maxconn 524288
default   maxconn 262144

And I ran out of file descriptors
Aug 29 11:20:13 aalb02 haproxy[45828]: Proxy default reached process FD
limit (maxsock=1048766). Please check 'ulimit-n' and restart.

I thought that the file descriptors was handled automatically but haproxy
or the systemd unit.
And my fs.file-max = 3274636.

So this leads me to believe that the maxconn is per process and per thread?
So switching form multi proc to threaded I should leave the maxconn numbers
as they where?

Can anyone shed some light on this?


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