Thu Aug 29 20:33:46 GMT+02:00 2019 Karthik P :
> Hello, Can someone please help? We tried to upgrade haproxy from 1.8 to 1.9
> By doing this we started seeing status_code (%ST) = -1
> Can someone please provide some direction on how to approach debugging this 
> issue?
> Did anything change in 1.9 which is causing this?
Ähm there are a lot of changes between 1.8 and 1.9. You should share some more 
informations about the setup and the line with ST -1.
haproxy -vv
Your config
The whole logline with -1 entry
Quote from doc
- "status_code" is the HTTP status code returned to the client. This status
 is generally set by the server, but it might also be set by haproxy when
 the server cannot be reached or when its response is blocked by haproxy.
As you see in the code could be there several reasons for the -1 and this shows 
not the possibilities from origin server.
Why not using 2.0.5?
> Thanks, Karthik 

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