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Author: Sven Ulland <>
Number of patches: 1

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   MINOR: connection: add TCP keep-alive parameters

Patch title(s): 
   MINOR: connection: add TCP keep-alive parameters


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   wget && vi 252.patch

Apply locally:
   curl | git am -

   Add configuration parameters to control TCP keep-alives:
   * tcp-
   keepalive-time: Idle time before keep-alive probes are sent
   * tcp-
   keepalive-interval: Interval between keep-alive probes
   * tcp-
   keepalive-count: Number of keep-alive probes to send before giving up
   Tested with TCP and HTTP, and with different settings in the default,
   listen, frontend and backend sections.
   Potential issues:
   * Only tested on Linux.
   * Darwin `#ifdef TCP_KEEPALIVE`
   implemented but untested.
   * No Windows support.
   * HAProxy only allows enabling/disabling TCP keep-
   alives; not controlling parameters.
   * System default parameters
   controllable using sysctl.
   * System defaults apply to all
   connections. Default idle time: 7200 seconds, as required by RFC 1122.
   * The `sysctl` command does not work on Docker containers due to read-
   only procfs.
   * The Docker `privileged` flag could have worked, but
   is unsupported on AWS Fargate.
   * The Docker `sysctl` flag could
   have worked, but is unsupported on AWS Fargate.
   * The Docker Linux
   capability flags could have worked, but are unsupported on AWS
   * I'm behind a Cisco Meraki NAT gateway that has a fixed
   TCP NAT timeout of 300 seconds, meaning connections are dropped before
   the TCP keep-alive idle time kicks in (default 7200 seconds on Linux).
   Meraki support confirms the fixed 300 second timeout.
   * Instead of
   requiring all clients to increase the TCP keep-alive probe frequency,
   fix it centrally by enabling parameters in HAProxy.

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