On Fri, Aug 30, Santhosh Kumar wrote:
>  We have a client-haproxy-server setup like this https://imgur.com/bxV3BA9,
> we use apache and jetty httpclient for http1.1 and http2 requests
> respectively. Our http request will take 2 secs to 10 mins for processing a
> request depends on the request type. Some of the requests returns null as
> response(whereas, the request is received and processed succesfully by
> server which I can verify via server logs) which triggers
> *org.apache.http.MalformedChunkCodingException:
> Unexpected content at the end of chunk *on the client side and this problem
> is happening with http1.1 requests for a speicifc type of requests, I tried
> tweaking timeouts and tried to fix this but its doesnt help me and timeout
> does not have a pattern. Each request timeout is having diff timeout values
> like 5 secs, 12secs, 27 secs or even 45secs. This error dissapears if I
> remove haproxy and connect directly yo server. my config file as follows,

What version of haproxy are you using (haproxy -vv) ?
If version 2.x have you tried with "no option http-use-htx" and latest
2.0.x version ?

Do you get haproxy logs for these failed req/responses ?


Jarno Huuskonen

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