Am 16.09.2019 um 12:21 schrieb Willy Tarreau:
> Hi guys,
> On Mon, Sep 16, 2019 at 11:20:00AM +0200, Lukas Tribus wrote:
>> Hello!
>> On Mon, Sep 16, 2019 at 8:50 AM GARDAIS Ionel
>> <> wrote:
>>> Hi Lukas,
>>> Same with nbthread 1.
>>> I gave my first try to git bisect and it looks like the offending commit is 
>>> :
>>> ab160a47acde9dc9c341b328c8716a721a389ab4 is the first bad commit
>>> commit ab160a47acde9dc9c341b328c8716a721a389ab4
>>> Author: Willy Tarreau <>
>>> Date:   Thu Sep 5 17:38:40 2019 +0200
>>>     BUG/MINOR: checks: do not uselessly poll for reads before the 
>>> connection is up
>> Thanks for this, could you file a github issue with those informations:
> Yes, please add it, I got the same report yesterday. It looks like it's
> becoming urgent that we delete all the checks code and rewrite them from
> scratch. We've reached a point where it seems impossible to make all of
> them work at the same time, even with dirty hacks spread all over the
> stack and causing trouble in other areas :-(  In short, either we piss
> off postfix users with aborted connections or we break other pure TCP
> checks. And to be honest I don't even feel brave enough to try tcp-checks...

Wow for me sounds like a huge task as the checks are one of the best features of
haproxy, I fully understand your motivation behind that change.

> Willy

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