I have a question about HAProxy configuration. Maybe someone has a solution

I have a HAProxy (v2.0) load balancer in front of many web servers.

When I restart the web servers the TCP socket remains closed for a few
seconds (~10s). For this reason I would like to retry failed attempts to
connect after some seconds.

I already use option redispatch, however it seems that does not solve my
issue. The problem is that the request is retried immediately (after 1s),
thus causing all the retries to fail. From the HAProxy docs:

In order to avoid immediate reconnections to a server which is restarting,
a turn-around timer of min("timeout connect", one second) is applied before
a retry occurs.

Is there any option to wait some more time (e.g. 10s) before retrying? Or
do you have any other solution?

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