Hi Krisztián,

On Fri, Sep 20, 2019 at 02:48:19PM +0000, Krisztián Kovács (kkovacs) wrote:
> When namespaces are used in the configuration, the respective namespace 
> handles
> are opened during config parsing and stored in an ebtree for lookup later.
> Unfortunately, when the master process re-execs itself these file descriptors
> were not closed, effectively leaking the fds and preventing destruction of
> namespaces no longer present in the configuration.

Good catch!

> This change fixes this issue by opening the namespace file handles as
> close-on-exec, making sure that they will be closed during re-exec.

I was initially concerned about the version of introduction of O_CLOEXEC
vs our support for USE_NS=1 but I saw that O_CLOEXEC has been there since
2.6.23 while we suggest 2.6.24 and onwards for USE_NS so that's perfectly
covered, thank you!


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