Hi Krisztián,

On Wed, Sep 25, 2019 at 08:09:26PM +0000, Krisztián Kovács (kkovacs) wrote:
> Thanks for your comments. Hopefully both are fixed. I've attached the
> updated patch.

Thank you, that's perfect now, and merged.

> (Is attaching the proper way to follow up with fixes?)

Both attaching and inlining are fine to me, as long as the attachment
is tagged text/plain so that the mailer will inline it in responses
in case a review is needed. I admit having a slight preference for
attachments over inline for the sole reason that I don't have to invent
a file name to save the file if I apply it remotely, but that's extremely
minor as you can guess. Anyway in your case it was perfect, so please do
not change anything :-)


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