> Le 26 sept. 2019 à 18:10, Geoff Simmons <ge...@uplex.de> a écrit :
> On 9/26/19 11:43, Emmanuel Hocdet wrote:
>> Proposal reworking after playing with « authority » and look at how « src 
>> »/« dst » are working.
>> Authority » can come from transport layer (TLS), ProxyV2 TLV or « 
>> set-authority ».
>> « src/dst » is set from transport layer (TCP), overwrite by Proxy-protocol 
>> and « set-{src,dst} »
>> I propose to do the same for « authority » sample fetch:
>> pick « authority » from « set-authority, Proxy-protocol, and transport layer 
>> (in this order)
>> . It’s already what authority is in « proxy-v2-options authority"
>>  => « fc_pp_authority » disappears in favour of the generic « authority » 
>> sample fetch
> Some thoughts that come to mind -- it sounds like there will be a bit of
> "magic" at work here, so will it be transparent to the user? Will users
> find that the authority field is being set and they wonder where it came
> from?

I think we can. It will simplify the usage in the vast majority of cases.
Proxy-protocol is done to restore the initial context from a
connection. And should be used between trusted client/server.
client  --TLS (sni)--> haproxy  —TLS(with internal sni)--> haproxy 
--TLS(sni)--> backend

> And I wonder if there are situations in which someone will want to
> specifically choose one source of truth for authority over the other.
> Suppose an incoming connection uses TLS with an SNI, and the peer
> component also sends an authority TLV via Proxy. Is a situation
> imaginable in which only one of them is getting it "right", for the
> purposes of haproxy, and the config author wants to be sure to catch
> that one only?

You can with the sample fetch from transport layer, « ssl_fc_sni » for TLS.

> To be honest I'm not sure, I'm still a bit of an "outsider" around here,
> and other readers of the list will have better intuitions about what's
> common and possible. So I'd be happy to be assured that this will be fine.
I'm not sure me too :)
Thank’s for the report!


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