I use HAProxy to load balance HTTP(S) traffic to some web servers. Web
servers then connect to a database. I have noticed that when we restart the
database some errors occur (and that is normal during the restart).

However the problem is that **a few hundreds connections remain open from
HAProxy to the Puma web servers forever**. That slow down HAProxy.

When we restart HAProxy then everything works fine again and the number of
backend connections drops to zero, which is the normal value since we use
option http-server-close. We have also configured the following timeouts
but nothing has changed (some connections to backend remain open forever):

        timeout client 10s
timeout client-fin 5s
        timeout http-request 5s
        timeout server 30s
timeout server-fin 10s
        timeout connect 10s
        timeout queue 10s

HAProxy Version: 2.0

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