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> Thanks! But according to the manual, shouldn't haproxy re-resolve AWS server 
> name regardless of its resolver settings?
> A few other events can trigger a name resolution at run time:
>   - when a server's health check ends up in a connection timeout: this may be
>     because the server has a new IP address. So we need to trigger a name
>     resolution to know this new IP.

No. That is when the resolver is actually configured. Please read from
the same section:

> HAProxy allows using a host name on the server line to retrieve its IP address
> using name servers. By default, HAProxy resolves the name when parsing the
> configuration file, at startup and cache the result for the process' life.
> This is not sufficient in some cases, such as in Amazon where a server's IP
> can change after a reboot or an ELB Virtual IP can change based on current
> workload.
> This chapter describes how HAProxy can be configured to process server's name
> resolution at run time.


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