Looking for backport of the feature:

{h1-case-adjust-bogus-client",   PR_O2_H1_ADJ_BUGCLI, PR_CAP_FE, 0, 

{"h1-case-adjust-bogus-server",   PR_O2_H1_ADJ_BUGSRV, PR_CAP_BE, 0, 

Into version 2.0

This is so that the header "Content Disposition" can be adjusted to the 
original case that was sent by the Server.

The server sends "Content Disposition"  which is converted to lowercase 
"content disposition".

The client code that is already shipped is not ignoring the case and checking 
for the same case that the server sent.

We are looking for this change as the shipped client code cannot be changed.  
Not sure if any one else is in a similar situation.

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