I don't know whether I can ask you technical problems about 
haproxy, if I can, I want to know why client got response of "502 bad gateway", 
I just a learner so far and I've been bothered by this question for days. Can 
you tell me the solution or show me the configurtion case??My configurtion is 
Thank you very much!

configuration information
        maxconn         20480
        ulimit-n        82000
        log     local0
        chroot          /var/empty
        nbproc          1
        pidfile         /opt/server/haproxy/run/haproxy.pid
        tune.ssl.default-dh-param 2048
        tune.bufsize    128000

        mode http
        retries 3
        timeout connect 5000ms
        timeout client 50000ms
        timeout server 50000ms
        maxconn 8000
        timeout client 30s
        timeout connect 5s
        timeout server  5s
        retries         2
        option          nolinger
        balance         leastconn
        log             global
        option          httplog
        option          dontlognull
        option          nolinger

frontend fpt-53087
        bind            *:53087 ssl crt 
        mode        http
        option  httplog
        default_backend fpt-53087

backend fpt-53087
        mode         http
        server fpt-53087_01 check inter 2000 rise 3 fall 3 
weight 30
        server fpt-53087_02 check inter 2000 rise 3 fall 3 
weight 30


client end screenshot

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