FWIW, when I build for armhf (RaspberryPi 3b with Raspbian buster), I have to 
add -latomic to the LD_FLAGS.


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Hi Ilya,

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> hello,
> should we switch some builds to arm64?
> https://blog.travis-ci.com/2019-10-07-multi-cpu-architecture-support

Ah that's interesting! I frequently build for arm/arm64 but I agree
it would be nice to have this done more frequently. The two main points
I'm seeing are :
  - unsigned chars, which occasionally trigger a warning somewhere
  - non-x86 build, which can occasionally trigger a build error if
    we accidently rely on an arch-specific function

In fact I would even suggest that we build for arm instead of arm64 so
that we switch to 32 bits at the same time and have an opportunity to
detect long vs int vs uint64t vs pointer vs size_t issues (typically
places where printf uses "%lu" without a cast for uint64_t).
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