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apcoeproductnotificati...@wellsfargo.com wrote:
> Hi Willy,
> Thanks for the info but honestly I am not focusing only on security fix,

That's already great to hear, because you know it's not the first time I
hear this question!

> I need confirmation whether 2.0.8 is security patch or discretionary
> patch so that I can work on it accordingly  on the basis of patch type.

2.0.8 is a regular maintenance release which fixes a number of bugs, some
of which some people will consider might affect their prod's reliability,
some of which others might consider as security-related for their specific
environment and others which will have no interest at all in what it fixes.
I'm sorry but we spend time trying to detail all this in the announces so
that users don't have to go through the changelog, it's hard to do more.
If you have doubts and need an operation slot to update, better get used
to ask for one two or three weeks after each update and you'll stay quite
up to date without having to bother about any risk. If it's too hard to
obtain an operations slot, then better stick to older, slower moving
branches, that's why we continue to maintain them. It's not rare to find
1.6 in prod with one year of uptime or more these days and even 1.8 with
6 months or more.


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