On Thu, Nov 21, 2019 at 03:09:30PM +0500, Илья Шипицин wrote:
> I understand. However, those patches add complexity (which might be moved
> to another dedicated tool)

those patch makes sense for heavy haproxy instances. As you might have
seen above, we are talking about > 130MB of data. So for a full scraping
every 60s or less, this is not realistic. Even the data loading might
take too much time. We had cases where loading the data on exporter side
was taking more time than the frequency of scraping, generating a
snowball effect.
It's a good pratice to avoid exporting data you know
you won't use instead of: scraping -> deleting -> aggregate
In our case we do not use most of the server metrics. It represents a
factor of 10 in terms of exported data.


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