Hi all,

I spent the day working on a few bugs that will need some backporting so
I didn't emit 2.1 nor any new dev version since IMHO that's not needed.
We still have a few fixes pending for 2.0 that'll make a new 2.0 worth
being released, and in addition Christopher backported the ability to
alter the outgoing H1 headers' case in HTX mode as rightfully requested
in person by a few people at the HaproxyConf to ease their transition
to HTX when dealing with bogus applications.

So I expect to issue 2.0.10 likely tomorrow as time permits or in the
worst case on Monday, and once done we should be all set to release 2.1
on Monday as well. 2.1-dev5 has been working flawlessly on haproxy.org
so it's about time to open the cage and let it fly.

Have a nice week-end,

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