On Sun, Nov 24, 2019 at 12:15 AM William Lallemand
<wlallem...@haproxy.com> wrote:
> That's a remain of the previous way of doing this, which was done with an
> array of 2 old_ckch, so the previous check was something like:
> >  if (!old_ckchs[0] && !old_ckchs[1])
> When a transaction is created the old_ckchs and the path are set.
> So we can check the path OR the old_ckchs, but it's not needed to do both,
> since there are both set and free during a transaction at the same time.
> The goal there was to check if a transaction exists, not to check if we free'd
> the path before setting it.

ok got it, thanks for the explanation. In that case I will send a
cleanup patch shortly, but I let you decide whether it is worth
merging it or wait for another rework to integrate it.

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