Hello Julien,

On Wed, Nov 27, 2019 at 12:47 AM Julien Pivotto <roidelapl...@inuits.eu> wrote:
> Yes indeed. I tested too and it works. I indeed tried
> accept-invalid-http-request like in the commit message
> instead of accept-invalid-http-response.
> My concern with the workaround is that there might be huge
> side effects.

All side effects are server controlled.

If the server emits other invalid responses and haproxy let's them
pass because it's configured to ignore them, then yes, the workaround
may hide other issues.

However I assume that this server was used with previous haproxy
releases in production without accept-invalid-http-response, so there
are probably no other issues.

The general recommendation is to use those two options temporary,
until the root cause is fixed.


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