On Sun, Nov 24, 2019 at 09:59:50PM +0900, flamese...@yahoo.co.jp wrote:
> Just wondering why not single git repository and use branches for different 
> versions?
> Instead:
> haproxy-1.8.githaproxy-1.9.githaproxy-2.0.git
> use git://git.haproxy.com/haproxy.gitanddevelop branch for current 
> developmentand v2.0/v1.9 branches...

This is for several reasons :

  - first, it limits the size of each repository. The sum of all maintenance
    repos is typically larger than the main one. Forcing everyone to clone
    all branches at once just for the sake of retrieving a single branch is
    a waste of time and resources for everyone. And I personally hate seeing
    linux kernels exported as a single blob like this, forcing me to clone
    huge repos, I don't want to inflict this to haproxy users who rarely
    are interested by more than one branch at a time.

  - second, it allows the maintenance of each repo to be delegated to
    different maintainers if needed. For example we're dropping 1.5 at
    the end of this year, but if someone trustable wants to continue its
    maintenance longer for whatever reason, it's reasonably easy to give
    an access to this repo only.


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