Dear HAProxy Community,


We are upgrading from 2.0.9 to 2.1.0.  Accordingly, we have to replace: 

.        reqirep with http-request and 

.        resprep with http-response.  


We are getting the following two errors.  

Error 1:  'http-request replace-header' expects exactly 3 arguments.

Error 2:  'http-response replace-header' expects exactly 3 arguments.


We would appreciate any insight into what we are missing in our config lines


2.0.9 config line that worked:

    reqirep ^([^\ ]*)\ /CoscendP/*([^\ ]*)\ (.*)$       \1\ /\2\ \3

    rspirep ^(Location:)\ (https?://([^/]*))/(.*)$    Location:\



Corresponding 2.1.0 config line that gives errors:


    http-request replace-header ^([^\ ]*)\ /CoscendP/*([^\ ]*)\ (.*)$
\1\ /\2\ \3

    http-response replace-header ^(Location:)\ (https?://([^/]*))/(.*)$
Location:\ /CoscendP/\3 




Thank you.




Hemant K. Sabat



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