On Sun, Dec 01, 2019 at 01:16:13PM +0100, Philipp Buehler wrote:
> Am 01.12.2019 12:00 schrieb Aleksandar Lazic:
> > just a wild guess have you set "log-send-hostname" if not can you set
> > it and tell us if anything is changed.
> > http://cbonte.github.io/haproxy-dconv/2.1/configuration.html#log-send-hostname
> > 
> I had not, but made me curious. So I did some tcpdump on it and can
> "confirm"
> that without this option the hostname is missing in the syslog message.
> Logging is now mute instead of errors, but I would rather blame my setup
> on this.
> Thanks for this pointer already

I suspect that on other platforms, logging 0 characters from a NULL pointer
is OK and results in nothing being emitted while on OpenBSD it still checks
the pointer's validity before detecting it doesn't need it, resulting in the
error. Could you please try to change the last line Aleks pointed like this:

-                (int)host.data, host.area, sep, "");
+                (int)host.data, host.area ? host.area : "", sep, "");

I suspect it will be enough.


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