Hi guys,

On Thu, Nov 28, 2019 at 06:18:00AM +0000, Aleksandar Lazic wrote:
> > I'm so excited that HAProxy supports FastCGI, I would like to try this in 
> > our development env first.
> > Just wonder what is the status of it? Full production ready? What's the 
> > performance?
> Well it's the first release :-)
> I have run a test setup with php-fpm and phpinfo() and it works. Give it a 
> try and share your experience.
> I would say it's production ready, jm2c.

What's important regarding production is to keep in mind that just like
1.9, 2.1 is a technical release aimed at experienced users. As such, it
requires more attention than an LTS release, and to follow updates more
regularly. Thus the question goes beyond just FCGI. So I'd say that 2.1
is indeed okay for production but not for every production. If you're an
admin bored on friday afternoon wishing to give a try to something really
fun and taking a low risk to be called on sunday morning, that's definitely
for you. But if you're a consultant, don't deploy it blindly at a customer's
then leave for example, it will not be the nicest present you'd give them :-)

We're running 2.1 on haproxy.org (we've been running all development
versions for a while). The way I proceed is that I start haproxy in the
foreground and chain it to the previous version (2.0 here) so that if it
unexpectedly dies, the previous one immediately takes over. We've had a
few such occurrences in the early 2.1-dev2 or dev3, but now it's being
running fine on dev5 without any issue over the last 2 weeks (I should
upgrade it, but it just works). It's a nice way of not being woken up
in emergency for a report that everything is down.


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