On Tue, Dec 24, 2019 at 07:59:25PM +0800, JWD wrote:
> It works with "option accept-invalid-http-request".
> Thanks a lot.
> Yes, it does not work with IE only.
> Other web browser is fine.

I already noticed this behaviour with very old versions of IE in the past,
it would do this on redirects: if the server sends binary characters in a
redirect, then it would follow them without re-encoding them. I didn't know
that more recent versions would still do this mistake.

I strongly suspect that your application is the one producing such wrong
links and that IE blindly follows them. You must really have a look there
and fix the application. Each time you enable "option accept-invalid-something"
it must be understood as a final warning for something deemed to fail sooner
or later.


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