On Thu, Jan 09, 2020 at 03:53:40PM +0100, wlallem...@haproxy.com wrote:
> Regarding the master CLI:
> On Thu, Jan 09, 2020 at 02:31:19PM +0000, William Dauchy wrote:
> > that's a good subject to talk about. While looking at this I also
> > wondered why it was not possible to configure it in the config file; to my
> > knowledge there is no explanation about it in the doc, nor in the code,
> > but I might have missed something.
> > I did not know about those concerns around being able to access CLI even
> > if the config file is corrupted, thanks for the clarification.
> > 
> In fact it's supposed to be configured in your unit file or from your init
> script (/etc/{default,sysconfig} etc.).
> The problem is that the configuration for HAProxy and for the processes are in
> the same configuration file, and if something is wrong, it won't work anymore.
> And the master is supposed to survive a reload with a wrong configuration.

Even without a wrong configuration the important point is that the master
must not change its external interfaces (i.e. the socket) if the config
changes during a reload, or it really becomes a mess. The typical issue
will be that it would then need to consider rebinding across reloads,
which means closing and re-opening the socket, and that's terribly bad.
First it would prevent from being able to maintain a connection across
reloads, second it means that if anything goes wrong during this moment,
you definitely lose access to the master's socket with no option to
recover it.


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