Hi Ilya,

I'm really annoyed by the regtests run in travis. It has become impossible
for a month or so to get all of them to work at least once. A single build
takes roughly 4-10 minutes depending on the hour of the day, and there are
multi-second pauses during the regtests, causing vtest to trigger timeouts,
and logs to be reported as empty or invalid. The ones failing most often
are precisely those timing dependent:

  - health checks of various sorts (when the server doesn't respond for
    multiple seconds because the VM swaps, for sure it cannot work)

  - peers synchronization (the "show table" command that's already delayed
    never grasps the synchronized data because the network transfer has not
    yet occurred between the two instances)

So I'm proposing that we try a last time to run with
"REGTESTS_TYPES=default,bug,devel" and if it continues to report 100% false
positives, that we totally disable them, because quite frankly, I've now got
so much used to seeing red there that I'm getting anxious when it's green,
in fear of having broken something. The real value of travis is first and
foremost to quickly show if we broke something and we've lost this value
quite a while ago already by adding so much noise with the tests.

What do you think ?


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