This is a friendly bot that watches fixes pending for the next haproxy-stable 
release!  One such e-mail is sent periodically once patches are waiting in the 
last maintenance branch, and an ideal release date is computed based on the 
severity of these fixes and their merge date.  Responses to this mail must be 
sent to the mailing list.

Last release 2.1.2 was issued on 2019/12/21.  There are currently 44 patches in 
the queue cut down this way:
    - 1 MAJOR, first one merged on 2020/01/20
    - 15 MEDIUM, first one merged on 2020/01/09
    - 28 MINOR, first one merged on 2020/01/07

Thus the computed ideal release date for 2.1.3 would be 2020/02/03, which is in 
one week or less.

The current list of patches in the queue is:
    - MAJOR   : hashes: fix the signedness of the hash inputs
    - MEDIUM  : mux-h2: fix missing test on sending_list in previous patch
    - MEDIUM  : ssl: Don't forget to free ctx->ssl on failure.
    - MEDIUM  : checks: Only attempt to do handshakes if the connection is 
    - MEDIUM  : mworker: remain in mworker mode during reload
    - MEDIUM  : connection: add a mux flag to indicate splice usability
    - MEDIUM  : session: do not report a failure when rejecting a session
    - MEDIUM  : mux-h2: don't stop sending when crossing a buffer boundary
    - MEDIUM  : mux_h1: Don't call h1_send if we subscribed().
    - MEDIUM  : tasks: Use the MT macros in tasklet_free().
    - MEDIUM  : http-ana: Truncate the response when a redirect rule is applied
    - MEDIUM  : connections: Hold the lock when wanting to kill a connection.
    - MEDIUM  : 0rtt: Only consider the SSL handshake.
    - MEDIUM  : netscaler: Don't forget to allocate storage for conn->src/dst.
    - MEDIUM  : cli: _getsocks must send the peers sockets
    - MEDIUM  : mux-h2: make sure we don't emit TE headers with anything but 
    - MINOR   : ssl: ssl_sock_load_issuer_file_into_ckch memory leak
    - MINOR   : cache: Fix leak of cache name in error path
    - MINOR   : ssl: increment issuer refcount if in chain
    - MINOR   : http-rules: Remove buggy deinit functions for HTTP rules
    - MINOR   : proxy: Fix input data copy when an error is captured
    - MINOR   : http-ana/filters: Wait end of the http_end callback for all 
    - MINOR   : cli/mworker: can't start haproxy with 2 programs
    - MINOR   : ssl: typo in previous patch
    - MINOR   : h1: Report the right error position when a header value is 
    - MINOR   : ssl/cli: ocsp_issuer must be set w/ "set ssl cert"
    - MINOR   : ssl: ssl_sock_load_sctl_from_file memory leak
    - MINOR   : tcp-rules: Fix memory releases on error path during action 
    - MINOR   : channel: inject output data at the end of output
    - MINOR   : mux-h2: use a safe list_for_each_entry in h2_send()
    - MINOR   : stream-int: Don't trigger L7 retry if max retries is already 
    - MINOR   : stream: don't mistake match rules for store-request rules
    - MINOR   : stick-table: Use MAX_SESS_STKCTR as the max track ID during 
    - MINOR   : ssl: ssl_sock_load_ocsp_response_from_file memory leak
    - MINOR   : checks: refine which errno values are really errors.
    - MINOR   : ssl/cli: free the previous ckch content once a PEM is loaded
    - MINOR   : ssl: ssl_sock_load_pem_into_ckch is not consistent
    - MINOR   : tcpchecks: fix the connect() flags regarding delayed ack
    - MINOR   : pattern: handle errors from fgets when trying to load patterns
    - MINOR   : 51d: Fix bug when HTX is enabled
    - MINOR   : dns: Make dns_query_id_seed unsigned
    - MINOR   : http_act: don't check capture id in backend
    - MINOR   : stktable: report the current proxy name in error messages
    - MINOR   : ssl: memory leak w/ the ocsp_issuer

The haproxy stable-bot is freely provided by HAProxy Technologies to help 
improve the quality of each HAProxy release.  If you have any issue with these 
emails or if you want to suggest some improvements, please post them on the 
list so that the solutions suiting the most users can be found.

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