Just seeing if you had managed to check the email I sent a few days ago?  
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 I just wanted to reach out because I've really been enjoying your content.  
 I know you get plenty of emails like this (but mine is different I promise). 
I've actually had some ideas for content that would work really well and was 
wondering if you'd be open to accepting a guest post?  
 To give you an idea of my writing style, here are two recent posts that I've 
 https://www.top10-websitehosting.co.uk/updating-node-js ( 
https://www.top10-websitehosting.co.uk/updating-node-js ) 
 https://www.top10-websitehosting.co.uk/ecommerce-conversion-rates ( 
https://www.top10-websitehosting.co.uk/ecommerce-conversion-rates ) 
 Let me know and I can send across some content suggestions (or you can even 
request a specific title).  
 Once you've confirmed a content title then I can send a draft for your review 
this week.  
 As a little extra, I'll even share the post across our social channels :) 

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