My crystal ball ain’t working either, so please be more specific. You need to 
provide at least two essential pieces of information for anyone to be able to 
help you, ideally three:

1. What you did?
2. What you got?
3. [optional, but highly recommended] What did you expect?

In other words, show us your configs and your commands, tell us what you 
thought you’re going to achieve with them and show us your logs and errors 
which show what went wrong.


From: Panneer Selvam <>
Sent: Thursday, February 13, 2020 5:58 AM
To: Aleksandar Lazic <>
Subject: Re: Mirror concepts

My haproxy mirror concepts not working


On Thursday, February 13, 2020, Aleksandar Lazic 
<<>> wrote:


Feb 13, 2020 1:04:58 AM Panneer Selvam :

> Hi I need quick helping for HAproxy mirroring concepts

Please can you tell us a little bit more what you need and please answer to 
all, thanks.

Have you read an understand the post?

> Thanks Panneer


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