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Hi all.
I have upgraded to HAProxy 2.0.13 and enabled Prometheus service on it. In previous version (1.8.8) I used haproxy_exporter <https://github.com/prometheus/haproxy_exporter> and I have haproxy_server_check_duration_milliseconds and new_session_rate for each server but in HAProxy v2.0.13 Prometheus service I don't see these metrics.
How can I have them?


check_duration is not exported but it could be. But if so, it would be exported in second using a float representation. So the metric name would be haproxy_server_check_duration_seconds. About new_session_rate, I guess you mean current_session_rate. This one was removed on purpose. It can be deduced from sessions_total metric using Prometheus rate() function.

Christopher Faulet

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