I wanted to add VTest tests to [haproxy-auth-request]. I'd like to test the
Lua script with various HAProxy branches and ideally run the test with the
latest patch version for each branch instead of hardcoding whatever was
recent when writing the tests.

This does not appear to be easily possible right now, because there is no
real machine readable way to obtain that information to the best of my

With this new symlinks I can simply download the -LATEST tarball and call
it a day.

The changes have *NOT* been tested. If you pick this change I'd appreciate
if you could create the necessary symlinks for HAProxy 1.8+.

[haproxy-auth-request]: https://github.com/TimWolla/haproxy-auth-request

Best regards
Tim Düsterhus

Apply with `git am --scissors` to automatically cut the commit message.

-- >8 --
This allows scripts, such as continous integration pipelines to easily grab
the latest patch version of a specific branch.
 scripts/publish-release | 7 +++++--
 1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/scripts/publish-release b/scripts/publish-release
index 5a9a5cead..a353ba5d8 100755
--- a/scripts/publish-release
+++ b/scripts/publish-release
@@ -167,7 +167,10 @@ fi
 ( cd "$TARGET_DIR/src${DEVEL}" ; \
   md5sum haproxy-$NEW.tar.gz > haproxy-$NEW.tar.gz.md5 ; \
-  sha256sum haproxy-$NEW.tar.gz > haproxy-$NEW.tar.gz.sha256 )
+  sha256sum haproxy-$NEW.tar.gz > haproxy-$NEW.tar.gz.sha256 ; \
+  ln -fs haproxy-$NEW.tar.gz haproxy-${BRANCH}-LATEST.tar.gz ; \
+  ln -fs haproxy-$NEW.tar.gz.md5 haproxy-${BRANCH}-LATEST.tar.gz.md5 ; \
+  ln -fs haproxy-$NEW.tar.gz.sha256 haproxy-${BRANCH}-LATEST.tar.gz.sha256)
 echo "Extracting doc ..."
@@ -179,6 +182,6 @@ done
 echo "Done : ls -l ${TARGET_DIR}"
 ( cd "$TARGET_DIR" ;
-  ls -l src/CHANGELOG "src${DEVEL}/haproxy-${NEW}".tar.gz{,.md5,.sha256} $(for 
i in "${DOC[@]}"; do echo "doc/${i#doc/}"{,.gz}; done)
+  ls -l src/CHANGELOG "src${DEVEL}/haproxy-${NEW}".tar.gz{,.md5,.sha256} 
"src${DEVEL}/haproxy-${BRANCH}-LATEST".tar.gz{,.md5,.sha256} $(for i in 
"${DOC[@]}"; do echo "doc/${i#doc/}"{,.gz}; done)

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