hi there??
    i use dataplaneapi to config cookie in backends, the cookie 
config doesn't be applied to the haproxy.cfg file. all the other configs work. 
i have not read the source code of dataplane api. dose anyone have the same 
problem, or any anwsers for the question? thanks a lot.

here is my curl command??
curl -X PUT --user root:mypassword   \
-H "Content-Type: application/json"  \
-d '{
"balance": {"algorithm": "roundrobin"},
"mode": "http",
"name": "pool-uuid",
"check_timeout": 4,
"default_server": {"fall": 3},
"method": "HEAD",
"uri": "/"
"name": "HTTP_COOKIE",
"indirect": true,
"nocache": true,
"type": "insert"
}' \


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