Fundraising During The Coronavirus Pandemic

For starters, let’s agree that panicking and crawling into a hole because of 
the coronavirus is not a reasonable option. Business goes on, whatever the 
economic conditions. You can’t not raise funds. You can’t treat loyal and 
responsive donors like statistics. And you can’t stop building your donor 
database. If you do these things, your donor list will shrink through attrition 
and your income will slack off to a dribble. The only defensible, businesslike 
way to respond to an economic crisis is to recognize that fundraising requires 
both continuing investment and ongoing care. If the choice arises between 
cutting back slightly on programs or slashing the fundraising budget, you may 
shoot yourself in the foot if you opt for the latter. It doesn’t take long to 
destroy an effective fundraising operation— and then where will your programs 
be? ...READ MORE

Here's Your March 16, 2020 Headlines:

- Fundraising Through The Coronavirus Pandemic
- Major Gifts Ramp-Up Celebrates 30 Years Of Raising Money For Charity
- Tracy Ebarb Reveals How To Supercharge Fundraising Using “First Gifts”
- Nonprofit Fundraising – 10 Things I’ve Learned
- Hall Powell Asks, “What’s So Special About Special Events?”
- Maxie Carpenter Challenges Nonprofits to Self-Navigate

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