If this isn't the right place please let me know - after reading the "contributing" page that was linked in the readme of kubernetes-ingress I thought that this mailing list might be my best bet to ask for your input.

I wanted to know if the following feature would be something you'd be interested in seeing in the official kubernetes-ingress controller: The ability to add an annotation to a pod that would translate into a weight in the backend wherever that pod is used.

Our company currently has the need for setting weights for specific pods and there is no way that I could find to achieve that with the current kubernetes-ingress controller.

The implementation would be as follows:

 * Cache all Pod objects and subscribe to changes on all namespaces
   similar to the other observed k8s objects in the controller
 * Extend EndpointIP in types.go to include the targetRef property of
   the k8s object
 * handleEndpointIP in controller.go would be extended to look up the
   pod from the cache via the targetRef property and set the weight if
 * Changes to the weight in the Pod would trigger a reload as well

I've started working on a patch for kubernetes-ingress to implement that. I'd love your thoughts on this.


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