On Sat, Mar 21, 2020 at 01:18:48AM +0100, Moemen MHEDHBI wrote:
> Since we handle contributions via github pull requests (for tracking,
> referencing, searching purposes), I thought in the first place that we
> better avoid having same discussion scattered on different places.

You're right, that makes sense. I just think that it's important not
to discourage contributors who are seeking discussion from having one.

> I think that if we have all ingress controller discussion here this will
> probably bring noise regarding HAProxy being the main subject of the ML.
> In the other hand preventing any controller related discussion here is
> counterproductive, so in my opinion any features/contributions to the
> controller that also deals closely with HAProxy are probably better
> discussed here.

Yes that was my point.

> Regarding what David is talking about, this is mostly related to
> Kubernetes internals (pods, annotations, Endpoints, etc) that's why I
> suggested we talk about this in github where other similar discussions
> take place.

OK, that's what I couldn't gauge myself.

> But I may be wrong and among this ML there may be people
> that have something to say about this post in this case of course they
> should feel free to answer here.

No I think that what you mentioned above is fine. Indeed, when it's
related to haproxy or how it's used, better have the discussion here
to let users jump into the discussion. If it's just code, implementation,
internals, etc, that likely does not bring much value.


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