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Bid Writing: Distance Learning Package

 Learn at your home or office. No need to travel anywhere. The package includes 
all the topics from our popular Bid Writing: The Basics and Bid Writing: 
Advanced live workshops plus sample funding bids. Once you have covered all the 
materials you can submit up to five questions by email.


Do you know the most common reasons for rejection? Are you gathering the right 
evidence? Are you making the right arguments? Are you using the right 
terminology? Are your numbers right? Are you learning from rejections? Are you 
assembling the right documents? Do you know how to create a clear and concise 
standard funding bid?

Are you communicating with people or just excluding them? Do you know your own 
organisation well enough? Are you thinking through your projects carefully 
enough? Do you know enough about your competitors? Are you answering the 
questions funders will ask themselves about your application? Are you 
submitting applications correctly?

Are you applying to the right trusts? Are you applying to enough trusts? Are 
you asking for the right amount of money? Are you applying in the right ways? 
Are your projects the most fundable projects? Are you carrying out trust 
fundraising in a professional way? Are you delegating enough work?

Are you highly productive or just very busy? Are you looking for trusts in all 
the right places? How do you compare with your competitors for funding? Is the 
rest of your fundraising hampering your bids to trusts? Do you understand what 
trusts are ideally looking for?


Staff members, volunteers, trustees or board members of charities, schools or 
public sector organisations who intend to submit grant funding applications to 
charitable grant making trusts and foundations. People who provide advice to 
these organisations may also order.


The cost of the Bid Writing: Distance Learning Package is £190 per trainee. 

To order please email with 
1) The name of the trainee.
2) The email address to send the materials to.
3) The name of your organisation.
4) The postal address of your organisation.
5) A purchase order number if required.

We will send you an invoice within 24 hours containing BACS electronic payment 
details. Once we receive payment the materials will be emailed to the specifed 
email address within 24 hours. Please check your spam folder to ensure you 
receive everything.


Training materials are for use only by the trainee named on the invoice. 
Training materials may not be copied, circulated or published.

If you have a question please e-mail You will 
usually receive a response within 24 hours. We are unable to accept questions 
by phone. 

I must say I was really impressed with the course and the content. My knowledge 
and confidence has increased hugely. I got a lot from your course and a lot of 
I can say after years of fundraising I learnt so much from your bid writing 
course. It was a very informative day and for someone who has not written bids 
before I am definitely more confident to get involved with them. 
I found the workshops very helpful. It is a whole new area for me but the 
information you imparted has given me a lot of confidence with the direction I 
need to take and for that I am very grateful.  
I found the day very informative and it gave me confidence to take on this 
aspect of work that I had been apprehensive of.  I enjoyed the session and 
found it valuable. 
So much relevant, practical information all passed on in a way which I was able 
to follow. All greatly enhanced by your sense of humour. 
It was a useful course and your examples real or otherwise helped to make it 
practical. Many thanks. The morning just flew by - always a good sign! I 
enjoyed the course and learnt a lot. I will begin putting this into practice.  


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