Thank you for this release update!

On Tue, May 5, 2020 at 11:46 PM Willy Tarreau <w...@1wt.eu> wrote:
> HAProxy 2.2-dev7 was released on 2020/05/05. It added 205 new commits
> after version 2.2-dev6.
> The most visible changes in this version is the rework of the health checks
> that was started by Gaėtan and completed by Christopher. I'll certainly say
> a number of stupidities about all this so I won't enter into details, but the
> main points to be aware of is that the health checks which for 18 years have
> been the ugliest part of the internals have now become smart. They are now
> all internally implemented on top of tcp-check rules, and that these ones
> were improved to satisfy the new requirements. For now all this new stuff is
> not yet fully exploited beyond what is needed for the checks but we can hope
> a lot of new cool stuff in a near future.
> In addition, HTTP checks now run over HTX and employ the muxes so they can
> now run over HTTP/1 and HTTP/2, and can separately set headers and body.
> All the elements may be extracted and processed for advanced checks. You
> should refer to the documentation to figure all the details. Please beware
> that the check configuration rules are subject to change a little bit before
> the release but the main principle is already here.

> Christopher Faulet (136):
>       MAJOR: checks: Implement HTTP check using tcp-check rules

What is funny after this commit is that we wrongly relied on a config
which was written that way:
  http-check expect status 200 string passing
instead of:
  http-check expect status 200
  http-check expect string passing

I first thought about a bad regression even though the documentation
does not allow it, but `string passing` was never evaluated, and so
silently ignored; now things are enforced which is better for us to
see those long standing mistakes ;)
Thanks Christopher!


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