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The doc for [tcp|http]-check expect have some *-status arguments like "L7OK", 
"L7OKC","L6OK" and "L4OK" and so on.

In the whole documentation are this states not explained.
I'm not sure in which chapter this states fit's, quick reminder HTTP,global, 
logging, new chapter?
My suggestion is to add "1.2." HTTP in HAProxy and explain how the htx works 
and what layer 4+6+7 means, opinions.

It's not in the configuration documentation, it's in the management doc:


Thanks, I don't look very often there but I should.

Hi Aleks,

You're right, it is not obvious. These status are reported in the stats and are described in the management guide as Lukas said. But it is probably a good idea to be more explicit. I slightly updated the configuration documentation to not rely on internal names. I added a short description for each status instead.

Christopher Faulet

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