Hi Shaoquan,

Please excuse another email but I wanted to try reach out again in case my
previous message got lost.

To kindly remind you, I reached out as I'm helping conduct a study on the
brand perception of largest IT companies. I'm hoping to collect insights
from tech managers and executives like yourself through a paid, online,
anonymous survey. The survey is only 15 minutes long and for the
participation, you would be receiving $80 via payment method you select.
Please find the survey link below if you are interested:


Please pay attention to detail when answering as there are several
disqualifying points in the survey (such as selecting "Other" or "None of
the above"). In addition, when asked about the AREA you work in, please
select the DEPARTMENT you work in (Data Analytics, Cyber Security, R&D,
etc.), rather than your leadership level.

Please participate in the next 2 days as we will close the survey when we
reach the desired number of respondents. Finally, if you are not interested
just let me know and I'll stop following up. I hope that you partake in
this important study.

Kind regards,
Martial Chastel
www.newtonx.com | New York
martial_chas...@research.newtonx.com | +1 (929) 294-4488

If you’re not interested in these, please reply with “Not Interested” and I
promise I won’t bother you again

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