Hi Илья Шипицин,

The codespell looks really cool. But i'm sorry, I cannot really find how i
can add a check for this case, otherwise i would be happy to add it.

Best Olaf

Op vr 15 mei 2020 om 16:21 schreef Илья Шипицин <chipits...@gmail.com>:

> that's a typo.
> we established weekly "codespell" check
> here's example of check:
> https://github.com/haproxy/haproxy/runs/665274281?check_suite_focus=true
> I submit spell fixes from time to time, I may include your fix as well if
> you do not mind
> (it was impossible to catch "an" <--> "and" from spellcheck point of view,
> both are valid words)
> чт, 14 мая 2020 г. в 16:48, Olaf Buitelaar <olaf.buitel...@gmail.com>:
>> Dear HaProxy folks,
>> I'm not sure but i think there is a "d" missing in this line on the
>> performance section of the homepage;
>> optimized *HTTP header analysis* : headers are parsed an interpreted on
>> the fly,
>> i think it should be;
>> optimized *HTTP header analysis* : headers are parsed an*d* interpreted
>> on the fly,
>> Sorry for nitpicking..or if i'm wrong.
>> Best Olaf

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