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On 18.05.20 01:30, Tim Düsterhus wrote:
> Aleks,
> Am 18.05.20 um 00:48 schrieb Aleksandar Lazic:
>> Is there a easy way to know which URL+src the key is?
>> [...]
>>   http-request track-sc1 url32+src table per_ip_and_url_rates unless { 
>> path_end .css .js .png .gif }
> No, as per the documentation:
>> url32+src : binary
>> This returns the concatenation of the "url32" fetch and the "src" fetch. The
>> resulting type is of type binary, with a size of 8 or 20 bytes depending on
>> the source address family. This can be used to track per-IP, per-URL 
>> counters.
> and
>> url32 : integer
>> This returns a 32-bit hash of the value obtained by concatenating the first
>> Host header and the whole URL including parameters (not only the path part of
>> the request, as in the "base32" fetch above). This is useful to track per-URL
>> activity. A shorter hash is stored, saving a lot of memory. The output type
>> is an unsigned integer.
> Thus you only have a hash value of the URL in question. However the IP
> address is stored in clear at the end of the resulting key. You might
> need to hex decode it.
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