HAProxy 2.2-dev9 was released on 2020/06/11. It added 205 new commits
after version 2.2-dev8.

Among the user-visible changes, we've now integrated Emeric's work on
the "ring" sections which allow to forward ring contents to remote servers
over TCP. This is directly usable to send syslog over TCP (possibly even
with TLS). It will probably be improved in the short term so that logging
over established FDs always passes through such a ring buffer. I'm glad
we could get this one in, as it's been on the todo list for many years.

The other main visible change is the switch to TLSv1.2 as the new default
minimum version, as was discussed here.

The rest is the usual bunch of bug fixes, whose severity has significantly
reduced, which is an excellent indicator. And the last point which justifies
a lot of patches but which are not interesting for non-developers is the
reorganization of the include files to get rid of some circular dependencies
we've met quite a few times recently when adding code.

We still have a few things to address before the release:
  - the spinning stream regression that William Dauchy has reported
    (issue #662). I've been busy not able to diagnose it further but the
    trace definitely shows a bug.

  - there's an annoyance detected by oss-fuzz, which is that the unescaping
    operations works in O(N^2) where N is the line length. The reason is that
    we use memmove() to keep the rest of the line. But if you put hundreds of
    thousands of escape chars on a line it can take minutes of CPU to process
    the config. I see how to fix this, it's annoying and not critical since
    it has been working like this since version 1.0. So if I can address it
    before the release that's fine otherwise we'll release this way.

  - there's a lock around the writev() call when writing logs to plain file
    descriptors (e.g. log to a pipe) to make sure log lines are never
    interleaved. Given that the FD is set to non-blocking mode it's not a
    problem, unless you log to a terminal (which we don't put to non-blocking)
    or to a file (strongly recommended against but not forbidden) which
    ignores non-blocking. In both cases the lock will spin while another
    thread blocks on the write() and in addition to blocking the thread, it
    will end up triggering the watchdog (as expected in such a stalled
    situation). I'm thinking about a few ideas to deal with this, none of
    them pleases me, and probably that the best solution will be to use the
    rings and get rid of it once for all.

  - Yves Lafon figured a way to handle spaces on the CLI without breaking
    existing setups using backslashes. William started to look at this one
    closer (considering the impacts on the master CLI as well) and it indeed
    seems possible to integrate this and address this annoying issue that
    prevents users from updating maps/acls containing user-agents, which
    embed spaces and semi-colons.

  - I noticed that the uname output in "haproxy -v" looks dirty on non-linux
    OSes. On FreeBSD, the uts_version contains the full name while uts_release
    only contains name+version, which causes the name and version to appear
    twice on the line. On AIX, the version and release are both the minor
    and major version and are reported swapped. I think that we should change
    the output format to possibly emit "release=", "version=" etc or something
    similar to remove ambiguities.

  - finish to read all the docs and possibly update the ones that are lagging
    behind if any.

  - ah and I've just seen a CI report of build breakage on Windows very likely
    consecutive to the include files reorganization (I only tested on Linux,
    FreeBSD and AIX for now).

So we're getting pretty good for a release very soon. I think that this
might be the last development release so it can be considered almost as a
release candidate, and that if everything goes well, we could release by the
end of next week, which is close to initial estimates.

Please find the usual URLs below :
   Site index       : http://www.haproxy.org/
   Discourse        : http://discourse.haproxy.org/
   Slack channel    : https://slack.haproxy.org/
   Issue tracker    : https://github.com/haproxy/haproxy/issues
   Sources          : http://www.haproxy.org/download/2.2/src/
   Git repository   : http://git.haproxy.org/git/haproxy.git/
   Git Web browsing : http://git.haproxy.org/?p=haproxy.git
   Changelog        : http://www.haproxy.org/download/2.2/src/CHANGELOG
   Cyril's HTML doc : http://cbonte.github.io/haproxy-dconv/

Complete changelog :
Bertrand Jacquin (1):
      BUG/MEDIUM: contrib/spoa: do not register python3.8 if --embed fail

Christopher Faulet (22):
      BUG/MINOR: http-htx: Don't forget to release the http reply in release 
      BUG/MINOR: http-htx: Fix a leak on error path during http reply parsing
      MINOR: checks: Remove dead code from process_chk_conn()
      REGTESTS: checks: Fix tls_health_checks when IPv6 addresses are used
      REGTESTS: Require the version 2.2 to execute lua/set_var
      BUG/MEDIUM: checks: Refresh the conn-stream and the connection after a 
      MINOR: checks: Remove useless tests on the connection and conn-stream
      BUG/MEDIUM: connection: Ignore PP2 unique ID for stream-less connections
      BUG/MINOR: connection: Always get the stream when available to send PP2 
      MINOR: http-ana: Make the function http_reply_to_htx() public
      MINOR: http-ana: Use proxy's error replies to emit 401/407 responses
      MINOR: http-rules: Use an action function to eval http-request auth rules
      CLEANUP: http: Remove unused HTTP message templates
      BUG/MEDIUM: checks: Don't blindly subscribe for receive if waiting for 
      MINOR: checks: I/O callback function only rely on the data layer wake 
      BUG/MEDIUM: checks: Don't add a tcpcheck ruleset twice in the shared tree
      MINOR: mux-h1/proxy: Add a proxy option to disable clear h2 upgrade
      BUG/MEDIUM: lua: Reset analyse expiration timeout before executing a lua 
      BUG/MEDIUM: hlua: Lock pattern references to perform set/add/del 
      BUG/MINOR: checks: Fix test on http-check rulesets during config validity 
      BUG/MEDIUM: contrib/prometheus-exporter: Properly set flags to dump 

Emeric Brun (7):
      MEDIUM: ring: new section ring to declare custom ring buffers.
      BUG/MEDIUM: logs: fix trailing zeros on log message.
      MINOR: ring: re-work ring attach generic API.
      BUG/MINOR: error on unknown statement in ring section.
      MEDIUM: ring: add server statement to forward messages from a ring
      MEDIUM: ring: add new srv statement to support octet counting forward
      BUG/MINOR: peers: fix internal/network key type mapping.

Ilya Shipitsin (1):
      CI: cirrus-ci: skip 
reg-tests/connection/proxy_protocol_send_unique_id_alpn.vtc on CentOS 6

Nathan Neulinger (1):
      BUG/MINOR: lua: Add missing string length for lua sticktable lookup

Olivier Houchard (1):
      BUG/MEDIUM: backend: set the connection owner to the session when using 

Tim Duesterhus (8):
      REGTESTS: Add missing OPENSSL to REQUIRE_OPTIONS for lua/txn_get_priv
      MINOR: lua: Use vars_unset_by_name_ifexist()
      CLEANUP: vars: Remove void vars_unset_by_name(const char*, size_t, struct 
      MINOR: vars: Make vars_(un|)set_by_name(_ifexist|) return a success value
      MINOR: lua: Make `set_var()` and `unset_var()` return success
      MEDIUM: lua: Add `ifexist` parameter to `set_var`
      REGTEST: Add connection/proxy_protocol_send_unique_id_alpn
      MINOR: sample: Add secure_memcmp converter

William Lallemand (11):
      MEDIUM: ssl: use TLSv1.2 as the minimum default on bind lines
      MINOR: ssl: set ssl-min-ver in ambiguous configurations
      CLEANUP: ssl: remove comment from dump_crtlist_sslconf()
      Revert "MINOR: ssl: rework add cert chain to CTX to be libssl independent"
      DOC: add a line about comments in crt-list
      BUG/MEDIUM: mworker: fix the copy of options in copy_argv()
      BUG/MINOR: init: -x can have a parameter starting with a dash
      BUG/MINOR: init: -S can have a parameter starting with a dash
      BUG/MEDIUM: mworker: fix the reload with an -- option
      BUG/MINOR: ssl: fix a trash buffer leak in some error cases
      BUG/MINOR: mworker: fix a memleak when execvp() failed

Willy Tarreau (153):
      MINOR: pools: compute an estimate of each pool's average needed objects
      MEDIUM: pools: directly free objects when pools are too much crowded
      BUG/MINOR: nameservers: fix error handling in parsing of resolv.conf
      CLEANUP: pools: use the regular lock for the flush operation on lockless 
      SCRIPTS: publish-release: pass -n to gzip to remove timestamp
      BUILD: sink: address build warning on 32-bit architectures
      CLEANUP: regex: remove outdated support for regex actions
      REORG: ebtree: move the C files from ebtree/ to src/
      REORG: ebtree: move the include files from ebtree to include/import/
      REORG: ebtree: clean up remains of the ebtree/ directory
      REORG: include: create new file haproxy/api-t.h
      REORG: include: create new file haproxy/api.h
      REORG: include: update all files to use haproxy/api.h or api-t.h if needed
      CLEANUP: include: remove common/config.h
      CLEANUP: include: remove unused template.h
      REORG: include: move MIN/MAX from tools.h to compat.h
      REORG: include: move SWAP/MID_RANGE/MAX_RANGE from tools.h to standard.h
      CLEANUP: include: remove unused common/tools.h
      REORG: include: move the base files from common/ to haproxy/
      REORG: include: move version.h to haproxy/
      REORG: include: move base64.h, errors.h and hash.h from common to to 
      REORG: include: move openssl-compat.h from common/ to haproxy/
      REORG: include: move ist.h from common/ to import/
      REORG: include: move the BUG_ON() code to haproxy/bug.h
      REORG: include: move debug.h from common/ to haproxy/
      CLEANUP: debug: drop unused function p_malloc()
      REORG: include: split buf.h into haproxy/buf-t.h and haproxy/buf.h
      REORG: include: move istbuf.h to haproxy/
      REORG: include: split mini-clist into haproxy/list and list-t.h
      REORG: threads: extract atomic ops from hathreads.h
      CLEANUP: threads: remove a few needless includes of hathreads.h
      REORG: include: split hathreads into haproxy/thread.h and 
      CLEANUP: thread: rename __decl_hathreads() to __decl_thread()
      REORG: include: move time.h from common/ to haproxy/
      REORG: include: move integer manipulation functions from standard.h to 
      CLEANUP: include: remove excessive includes of common/standard.h
      REORG: include: move freq_ctr to haproxy/
      CLEANUP: pool: include freq_ctr.h and remove locally duplicated functions
      REORG: memory: move the pool type definitions to haproxy/pool-t.h
      REORG: memory: move the OS-level allocator to haproxy/pool-os.h
      MINOR: memory: don't let __pool_get_first() pick from the cache
      MEDIUM: memory: don't let pool_put_to_cache() free the objects itself
      MINOR: memory: move pool-specific path of the locked pool_free() to 
      MEDIUM: memory: make local pools independent on lockless pools
      REORG: include: move common/memory.h to haproxy/pool.h
      REORG: include: move common/chunk.h to haproxy/chunk.h
      REORG: include: move activity to haproxy/
      REORG: include: move common/buffer.h to haproxy/dynbuf{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move common/net_helper.h to haproxy/net_helper.h
      REORG: include: move common/namespace.h to haproxy/namespace{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: split common/regex.h into haproxy/regex{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: split common/xref.h into haproxy/xref{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move common/ticks.h to haproxy/ticks.h
      REORG: include: split common/http.h into haproxy/http{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: split common/http-hdr.h into haproxy/http-hdr{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move common/h1.h to haproxy/h1.h
      REORG: include: split common/htx.h into haproxy/htx{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move hpack*.h to haproxy/ and split hpack-tbl
      REORG: include: move common/h2.h to haproxy/h2.h
      REORG: include: move common/fcgi.h to haproxy/
      REORG: include: move protocol.h to haproxy/protocol{,-t}.h
      REORG: tools: split common/standard.h into haproxy/tools{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move dict.h to hparoxy/dict{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move shctx to haproxy/shctx{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move port_range.h to haproxy/port_range{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move fd.h to haproxy/fd{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move ring to haproxy/ring{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move sink.h to haproxy/sink{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move pipe.h to haproxy/pipe{,-t}.h
      CLEANUP: include: remove empty raw_sock.h
      REORG: include: move proto_udp.h to haproxy/proto_udp{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move proto/proto_sockpair.h to haproxy/proto_sockpair.h
      REORG: include: move compression.h to haproxy/compression{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move h1_htx.h to haproxy/h1_htx.h
      REORG: include: move http_htx.h to haproxy/http_htx{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move hlua.h to haproxy/hlua{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move hlua_fcn.h to haproxy/hlua_fcn.h
      REORG: include: move action.h to haproxy/action{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move arg.h to haproxy/arg{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move auth.h to haproxy/auth{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move dns.h to haproxy/dns{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move flt_http_comp.h to haproxy/
      REORG: include: move counters.h to haproxy/counters-t.h
      REORG: include: split mailers.h into haproxy/mailers{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move capture.h to haproxy/capture{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move frontend.h to haproxy/frontend.h
      REORG: include: move obj_type.h to haproxy/obj_type{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move http_rules.h to haproxy/http_rules.h
      CLEANUP: include: remove unused mux_pt.h
      REORG: include: move mworker.h to haproxy/mworker{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move ssl_utils.h to haproxy/ssl_utils.h
      REORG: include: move ssl_ckch.h to haproxy/ssl_ckch{,-t}.h
      REORG: move ssl_crtlist.h to haproxy/ssl_crtlist{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move lb_chash.h to haproxy/lb_chash{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move lb_fas.h to haproxy/lb_fas{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move lb_fwlc.h to haproxy/lb_fwlc{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move lb_fwrr.h to haproxy/lb_fwrr{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move listener.h to haproxy/listener{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move pattern.h to haproxy/pattern{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move map to haproxy/map{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move payload.h to haproxy/payload.h
      REORG: include: move sample.h to haproxy/sample{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move protocol_buffers.h to haproxy/protobuf{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move vars.h to haproxy/vars{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: split global.h into haproxy/global{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move task.h to haproxy/task{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move proto_tcp.h to haproxy/proto_tcp.h
      REORG: include: move signal.h to haproxy/signal{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move tcp_rules.h to haproxy/tcp_rules.h
      REORG: include: move connection.h to haproxy/connection{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move checks.h to haproxy/check{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move http_fetch.h to haproxy/http_fetch.h
      REORG: include: move peers.h to haproxy/peers{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move stick_table.h to haproxy/stick_table{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move session.h to haproxy/session{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move trace.h to haproxy/trace{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move acl.h to haproxy/acl.h{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: split common/uri_auth.h into haproxy/uri_auth{,-t}.h
      REORG: move applet.h to haproxy/applet{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move stats.h to haproxy/stats{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move cli.h to haproxy/cli{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move lb_map.h to haproxy/lb_map{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move ssl_sock.h to haproxy/ssl_sock{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move stream_interface.h to haproxy/stream_interface{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move channel.h to haproxy/channel{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move http_ana.h to haproxy/http_ana{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move filters.h to haproxy/filters{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move fcgi-app.h to haproxy/fcgi-app{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move log.h to haproxy/log{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move proxy.h to haproxy/proxy{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move spoe.h to haproxy/spoe{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move backend.h to haproxy/backend{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move queue.h to haproxy/queue{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move server.h to haproxy/server{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move stream.h to haproxy/stream{,-t}.h
      REORG: include: move cfgparse.h to haproxy/cfgparse.h
      CLEANUP: hpack: export debug functions and move inlines to .h
      REORG: check: move the e-mail alerting code to mailers.c
      REORG: check: move tcpchecks away from check.c
      REORG: check: move email_alert* from proxy-t.h to mailers-t.h
      REORG: check: extract the external checks from check.{c,h}
      CLEANUP: include: don't include stddef.h directly
      CLEANUP: include: don't include proxy-t.h in global-t.h
      CLEANUP: include: move sample_data out of sample-t.h
      REORG: include: move the error reporting functions to from log.h to 
      BUILD: reorder objects in the Makefile for faster builds
      CLEANUP: compiler: add a THREAD_ALIGNED macro and use it where appropriate
      CLEANUP: include: make atomic.h part of the base API
      REORG: include: move MAX_THREADS to defaults.h
      REORG: include: move THREAD_LOCAL and __decl_thread() to compiler.h
      CLEANUP: include: tree-wide alphabetical sort of include files
      REORG: include: make list-t.h part of the base API
      REORG: dgram: rename proto_udp to dgram


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