Hi List,

I was having a bit of off-list disagreement with Willy regarding how
HAProxy ACLs should work and what (experienced) administrators may or
may expect from them. I am arguing about something I believe many
administrators might accidentally do incorrectly. I'm intentionally
being vague here, to not spoil any results of this survey.

Let's pretend I'm new to this list and send the following request for help:


We are using an off-the-shelf PHP 7.2 application (think some bulletin
board software), running behind nginx as the FastCGI gateway and static
file server. In front of that nginx we are running HAProxy 2.0 in 'mode

This off-the-shelf PHP application has an integrated admin control panel
within the /admin/ directory. The frontend consists of several "old
style" PHP files, handling the various paths (e.g. login.php,
register.php, create-thread.php). During upgrades of this off-the-shelf
software new files might be added for new features.

My boss asked me to restrict the access to the admin control panel to
our internal network ( for security reasons. Access to
the user frontend files must not be restricted.

How can I do this?


What kind of (configuration) advice would you give me? Do you have any
concerns? I consider *anything* a valid answer here and I'd like to hear
from both experienced admins and "newbies".

I'll give the "solution" once I get some replies :-)

Best regards
Tim Düsterhus

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