Hello Michael,

On Tue, 7 Jul 2020 at 15:16, Michael Wimmesberger
<michael.wimmesber...@rise-world.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I might have found a potentially critical bug in haproxy. It occurs when
> haproxy is retrying to dispatch a request to a server. If haproxy fails
> to dispatch a request to a server that is either up or has no health
> checks enabled it dispatches the request to a random server on any
> backend in any mode (tcp or http) as long as they are in the up state
> (via tcp-connect or httpchk health checks). In addition haproxy logs the
> correct server although it dispatches the request to a wrong server.
> I could not reproduce this issue on 2.0.14 or any 2.1.x version. This
> happens in tcp and http mode and http requests might be dispatched to
> tcp servers and vice versa.
> I have tried to narrow this problem down in source using git bisect,
> which results in this commit marked as the first bad one:
> 7b69c91e7d9ac6d7513002ecd3b06c1ac3cb8297.

Makes sense that 2.1 is not affected because this commit was
specifically written for 2.0 (it's not a backport).

Exceptionally detailed and thorough reporting here, this will help a
lot, thank you.

A bug has been previously filed, but the details mentioned in this
thread will help get things going:


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